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Our Responses To Common Motorcycle Accident Questions

While riding a motorcycle is a fun pastime, it can quickly become dangerous. Becker, Kellogg & Berry, P.C., has represented clients in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia. We understand the severity of the injuries you may be facing and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Read our list of frequently asked questions below and call our firm to discuss your options. You can reach us at 703-962-1829 or fill out our contact form.

Q: Am I required to wear a helmet while riding my motorcycle?

A: Yes. In Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C., if you are a driver or a passenger, you are legally required to wear a helmet. It is also the biggest safety precaution you can take, which is the best way to protect yourself.

Q: If I wasn’t wearing a helmet, can I still recover damages?

A: Even though the law states you must wear a helmet, you still may able to receive compensation for your injuries. It may, however, influence how much money you obtain. Our knowledgeable attorneys will do everything we can to reach the best possible solution.

Q: What can I receive compensation for?

A: Depending on your case, you may be eligible to receive compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering. This includes ongoing medical care such as rehabilitation treatment. Our job is to show how your injuries have impacted your life.

Q: Should I accept the first offer my insurance company makes?

A: Insurance companies are notorious for closing cases as quickly as possible. While this may seem like a great option, it often means they will offer the lowest possible settlement in order to close the case and move onto the next one. Our attorneys will work harder to get more out of your insurance company, which is what you deserve.