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Frequently Asked Questions About Hit & Run Accidents

When someone is involved in an accident, it’s normal to panic. Unfortunately, this sometimes means the other driver flees the scene and leaves you to deal with the consequences. Becker, Kellogg & Berry, P.C., has helped clients throughout Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland. These cases can be especially difficult, so having a seasoned attorney is of the utmost importance. Read through our frequently asked questions below in order to better understand your options. Then, call our office to schedule a consultation at 703-962-1829.

Q: What should I do after the accident?

A: While it can be difficult depending on the severity of the situation, you should try to notice as much as you can about the vehicle and the perpetrator as possible. This includes any sort of description of the vehicle, from the color to the make and model. A license plate number can be tremendously helpful. It is best to call the police, who will file an official report and talk to nearby witnesses. As always, you should seek medical attention for your injuries.

Q: What is considered a hit-and-run?

A: All drivers, regardless of fault, must stay at the scene of an accident. A hit-and-run is when the other party drives away. It can also mean they leave their vehicle and take off on foot. When a parked car is hit and the driver doesn’t leave a note with their information, this is also considered a hit-and-run.

Q: What type of compensation am I eligible for?

A: Depending on your case, you can receive payment for medical expenses, lost wages and any pain you have suffered. You also might be able to get compensation for the damages to your car.

Q: How can you prove the driver left the scene?

A: There are a number of tools we can use to prove your case. The accident report from the police will be extremely helpful, as well as the witness statements they have collected. We also will look at any necessary camera footage. We will make sure no stone is left unturned.