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How can rollover accidents happen?

On Behalf of | Oct 19, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

In the realm of vehicular mishaps, rollover accidents stand out as particularly harrowing events. These incidents, where a vehicle flips onto its roof or side, often result in severe injuries.

To understand how such accidents unfold, it is important to delve into the contributing factors that transform routine drives into catastrophic events.

Vehicle design and center of gravity

A large source of rollover accidents is a vehicle’s design. Tall and narrow vehicles, such as vans, have a higher center of gravity. This makes them more prone to tipping over during abrupt maneuvers or turns.

The weight distribution across the vehicle plays a pivotal role. A top-heavy structure increases the likelihood of a rollover, especially when coupled with high speeds or sharp turns.

Road conditions and environmental factors

Environmental elements also contribute significantly to the occurrence of rollover accidents. Uneven or slippery road surfaces, especially during adverse weather conditions, compromise a vehicle’s traction.

Wet, icy or gravel-strewn roads diminish tire grip, making it challenging for drivers to maintain control. Inclined terrains further intensify the risk, especially when combined with other contributing factors.

Tire blowouts and mechanical failures

The sudden failure of a tire, often due to wear and tear or manufacturing defects, can start a rollover sequence. A blown tire can lead to an immediate loss of control, particularly at high speeds. Mechanical failures, such as issues with the steering system or suspension, also play a role in destabilizing a vehicle.

20,160 Americans died in vehicle crashes in just the first half of 2021. A person may realize as they drive along that a rollover accident could happen suddenly and without any warning. Striving towards a safer driving environment for everyone on the road is important.