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Social media mistakes after a car accident

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2022 | Injuries |

Getting into a car accident is an immensely stressful event in your life, and in a highly emotional state of mind, you may feel the need to alert your family and friends of your situation via your social media platforms.

While Facebook, Instagram and TikTok are essential forms of communication, they can also be detrimental to any personal injury claims you may pursue in the aftermath of a serious motor vehicle collision. While you should not scrub your online presence altogether, there are a few social media mistakes you want to avoid during this difficult time.

Ranting or venting about the accident

Sharing personal feelings about the circumstances may be cathartic, but it is not a good look in court. If you discuss your accident online, avoid assigning blame, admitting fault or expressing guilt about your actions on that day.

Posting pictures and videos

You should try your best to live a normal life after an accident. However, if you claim an accident-related injury, yet you frequently post workout videos and party photos, you may unknowingly undermine your claim.

Accepting friend requests from strangers

When you file a personal injury lawsuit, you can expect an investigation into the validity and severity of your grievance. Any new friends or followers you gain online could be in search of evidence to refute your claim. Keeping a public profile can impact the strength of your case.

You deserve fair compensation for your pain and suffering after a car accident. Do not let your social network sabotage your personal injury claim.