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Common causes of truck accidents in Virginia

On Behalf of | Dec 29, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports there are over 350,000 motor vehicle accidents involving tractor-trailer trucks each year. When collisions occur with these large trucks, the consequences can be deadly.

What is causing so many accidents?

Driver fatigue

The dangers of drowsy driving are becoming more well-known and truck drivers are more likely to become tired while on the job. Long hours and driving the same route repeatedly both lead to a lack of attentiveness and difficulty staying awake.

Road conditions

Regardless of the weather, the demand for products and deliveries continues. This means drivers must be on the road even when conditions are less than ideal. Couple slippery roads and poor visibility with a 40,000-pound cargo load and disaster could strike at any time.

Mechanical problems

Semi-trailer trucks can travel 600 miles per day. This extreme usage leads to a lot of wear and tear on the vehicle, which can cause a number of problems. Brake failure, transmission slips and tire blowouts can all occur as a result of excessive use and may lead to vehicle collisions.

Driver negligence

Operating a vehicle of this size requires extensive responsibility and care. When truck drivers neglect this duty of care, their recklessness often has catastrophic consequences. Speeding, improper lane usage and aggressive driving are unsafe in any vehicle, but it is especially dangerous in a tractor-trailer.

There are many conditions and behaviors that can lead to a vehicle collision with a semi-trailer. These truck drivers have a duty to all drivers to operate their vehicles with special care.