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Preventing accidents while driving near or through a tunnel

On Behalf of | Feb 1, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The majority of sudden-stop accidents occur when drivers slam the brakes to avoid someone or something in the road. Congestion and stop-and-go traffic, however, also tends to increase when drivers approach one of Virginia’s major tunnels. Motorists may hit their brakes more often and drive slower.

Drivers stand a better chance of preventing an accident when they remain aware of the anxiety or nervousness other motorists may experience when approaching a tunnel. According to psychologists, individuals tend to become nervous when confronted with confinement in enclosed or dark places. As reported by The Virginian-Pilot, motorists may hesitate or slow down unexpectedly when they get near a tunnel.

Nearing a tunnel may cause increased driver distractions

Collisions occur more often when approaching a tunnel rather than driving through one. Because of increased nervousness while approaching a confined space, individuals may turn to distractions, such as using a hands-free mobile device or changing a music program. A distracted motorist may, however, fail to pay close attention to the stop-and-go traffic patterns. A driver applying the breaks suddenly could cause a rear-end collision that leads to a serious injury.

A tractor-trailer stuck inside a tunnel caused a multiple car crash

A much larger vehicle, such as a tractor-trailer, may even get stuck in a tunnel. A news report by abc27 revealed that a tractor-trailer scraping the roof inside a Virginia tunnel became stuck and caused multiple cars to crash. The truck’s operator and two passengers of an SUV required visits to a hospital.

Preventing crashes and the injuries that may accompany them requires motorists to remain focused on the road ahead. An awareness of how other drivers might react to changing road conditions may also help prepare an alert motorist to avoid a crash.