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Fog and the risk of a traffic accident

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

On the road, you need to pay attention to many different risk factors that increase the odds of a collision. Aside from speeding, alcohol use and distractions such as electronic devices, you also need to understand the dangers that come with driving during periods of inclement weather. For example, many motor vehicle collisions occur as a result of rain, snow, ice and fog. 

Fog interferes with driving in different ways and when drivers struggle to see the road or other vehicles, an accident is far more likely. 

Understanding the dangers of driving in fog

According to the Federal Highway Administration, over 16,300 people sustain injuries in motor vehicle collisions that take place due to fog every year. Moreover, these accidents claim the lives of more than 600 people per year. In fact, the FHWA reports that more than 38,700 traffic accidents take place during foggy conditions on an annual basis. Fog affects visibility and causes greater speed variance, making it more likely for vehicles to collide. Drivers often struggle to see other cars and hazards on the road when visibility is poor, especially while traveling around a sharp turn or up steep hills. 

Avoiding a fog-related traffic accident

If visibility is very poor, it is smart for drivers to stay off of the road altogether. However, some people need to drive to work or take care of other important tasks. Even relatively minor fog can affect visibility and lead to a crash, so you need to exercise caution if you encounter fog or any other weather-related hazard while driving. Sadly, some drivers go too fast and do not pay attention to these dangers.