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FedEx injuries reveal a failure to enforce safety guidelines

On Behalf of | Jan 14, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Injury on the job, whether through an accident or negligence, impacts a worker’s future — and sometimes even ends it. The logistics industry of transportation and shipping has the highest number of fatal work injuries. 

Whether a worker sustains injuries that put them out of work for months or loved ones have to pick up the pieces after a catastrophic death, the courts of Maryland and other states have compensation rules in place to help workers and their families get what they need. 

Increasing injuries at FedEx

According to the Southern Maryland Chronicle, FedEx’s busy hub in Memphis, Tennessee experienced an increase in both fatalities and time off taken for nonfatal, traumatic injuries. 

Older employees, ranging in ages 60 and above, saw accidents involving slips, caught-under incidents and premises injuries. 

The death of a young temporary worker prompted an on-site investigation from the Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Administration. They found that FedEx failed to provide a safe workplace due to easily recognizable hazards. TOSHA also found that safety training rarely matched the work routine in real time. 

Injuries for workers — fines for FedEx

Fines for these workplace injuries run up as high as $7,000 per incident, which TOSHA lowered to just under $6,000 when FedEx provided measures they intend to make to prevent future incidents. The family of the young man killed on site decided to sue for wrongful death, seeking $3 million in damages for the two sons he leaves behind. 

Anyone in this situation faces hard times and potential wage losses. The logistics industry, in any state, poses serious risks. This is especially true if things are busy and companies fail to keep workers safe. Navigating the process of filing workers’ compensation claims may help those injured secure the support they need.