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How can I avoid black ice accidents?

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The winter always brings about special concerns when it comes to driving on snow and ice-covered roads. One of the scariest things to happen this time of year is black ice. 

AAA explains that black ice is a type of ice that is clear, making it impossible to detect. It can form on any surface. It is most common on elevated surfaces, such as bridges. 

Black ice conditions

Black ice will form on wet surfaces when the temperature drops below freezing. It is also common when fog or mist freezes. Melted snow that refreezes on the roads can also create black ice. 

Black ice safety

Since black ice is practically invisible, it is very difficult to avoid it. The best thing to do is to be aware of when it may cover surfaces. You are most at risk of encountering it during early morning and late-night hours before the sun is up. It also is more common in shaded areas that do not get a lot of sun. 

If you are about to drive and the roadway is wet, check the temperature. If it is below freezing, you should assume there will be black ice. Adjust your driving habits to account for this. Drive more slowly and take more time to slow down, stop and turn. 

It is also helpful to give your vehicle a quick check to make sure it is ready for this type of weather. Ensure your tires are at the proper pressure level and have an adequate amount of tread. You also want to keep your windshield clean and clear. Fill up your washer fluid with a product that will not freeze.