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What qualifies me for workers’ compensation?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2020 | Workers' Compensation |

For employees who are injured on the job, workers’ compensation can be a salvation from the loss of income that happens as a result of being out of work temporarily. Every state has its own program, and the benefits and requirements can differ among them. For instance, in Maryland, any person who was dependent on the injured person’s income can receive benefits, whereas in other states, only certain close dependents, like children and spouses, can file a claim.

One thing that’s largely consistent is the types of benefits available and the reasons for claiming them. Here’s a breakdown of the four types of workers comp that become available to you, depending on the type of injury or accident you’ve endured:

  1. Temporary disability – you’ll receive this benefit if you can’t work temporarily because of a work-related injury. The amount is typically only a fraction of your normal income, however.
  2. Permanent disability – in the event that you’re injured to the point of no longer being able to work, or having a permanent disfigurement or impairment, you’ll receive permanent benefits. The amount is determined once you’ve fully recovered medically.
  3. Medical treatment benefits – if you require medical care for any injury obtained on the job, whether it’s a visit to the ER, medication, devices or an examination, you’ll be entitled to compensation for the expenses of the care.
  4. Benefits after death – dependents of a person who lost their life on the job can receive compensation, including covering the cost of the funeral. The income loss combined with the number of dependents will determine the payout.

Accidents such as a slip-and-fall, electrocution, fire, getting caught in between objects or structures and being struck by an object are all qualifying incidents for workers’ compensation.

An attorney can help you obtain the maximum compensation you’re entitled to.