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CVSA International Roadcheck set for May 5 to 7

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Truckers in Virginia are no doubt familiar with the International Roadcheck, an annual 72-hour inspection spree of commercial motor vehicles. During this period of increased enforcement, inspectors stop trucks at random and typically have them undergo the 37-point Level I inspection, which is the most thorough of the North American Standard inspections.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has scheduled the 2020 International Roadcheck for May 5 to 7. While the roadcheck usually takes place the first week of June, the CVSA has changed the date this year for weather-related reasons. Some jurisdictions will experience more favorable weather in May than in June.

The Level I inspections that will be conducted on most vehicles cover many components, such as the braking system, tires, suspension, steering, lights, frames and fuel system. Inspectors will be especially focused on “driver requirements” like whether the driver is wearing a seat belt, carries a CDL and is in compliance with the rules on electronic logging devices. Drivers will also be expected to carry any necessary medical cards.

Upon passing the inspection, drivers receive a CVSA decal on their truck. Failing either the vehicle- or driver-related portion of the inspection will result in an out-of-service order. In 2019, over 12,000 trucks and 2,700 drivers committed an out-of-service violation, the most common being related to hours-of-service regulations.

The inspection spree should serve as a wake-up call to many drivers that they should have a well-maintained truck and follow all safety regulations. Poor truck maintenance and negligent driving are two major causes of motor vehicle accidents that involve trucks. When such accidents arise, trucking companies often find themselves facing a claim from the victims. For their part, victims may want a lawyer to assist with the filing and negotiating process. They may be able to achieve a fair settlement in the end.