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Driving safely in the rainy months

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Motorists in Virginia should take extra care to be safe on the roads during the rainy season, which begins at the end of June and ends in September. Rain, thunderstorms and hail can create hazardous conditions on the road, some of which can result in hydroplaning.

Hydroplaning occurs when a vehicle skids or slides on a wet surface. When a vehicle is hydroplaning, its tires are in contact with more water than they can properly handle. A thin layer of water is formed between the road and tires as the pressure at the front of the tires shoves the water underneath the tires.

A significant amount of water is not necessary for hydroplaning to occur. One of the most dangerous periods during rainfall is the first 10 minutes, during which the oil residue covering the road mixes with the water to form a slick surface.

When a vehicle is hydroplaning, the driver should avoid using their brakes, which can result in a greater loss of control and a skidding vehicle. Instead, the motorist should turn their vehicle into the slide, or turn the steering wheel the same way the back of the car is heading, to regain control. They should be careful to not oversteer as trying to overcorrect can result in the vehicle spinning in a circle.

Drivers should continue to turn into the slide until they have regained complete control of the vehicle and it is properly aligned in the road. It is advised that drivers then pull to the side of the road to determine if any damage has occurred.

A personal injury attorney may pursue financial damages on behalf of a client who has been injured in a motor vehicle accident. Litigation may be used to hold negligent drivers financially liable for catastrophic injuries sustained in accidents they caused.