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Summer driving can carry accident dangers

On Behalf of | May 21, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Drivers in Virginia may wonder how best to improve road safety while driving in the summer. More and more drivers take to the roads during the warm months for vacations, day trips and family activities. This can include an increased number of teenagers on the road, especially since school is out for the summer. Unfortunately, summer driving can carry particular dangers for newer teen drivers, especially when they drive on crowded roads.

May is recognized each year as Global Youth Traffic Safety Month because motor vehicle accidents are the No. 1 killer of teens across the country. By promoting safe driving habits, teen drivers can be kept safer on the roads, even during the busy summer months. Summer driving can include heavy highway traffic, construction projects and an increased number of pedestrians and cyclists on the road. Parking lots can be particularly crowded, and family outdoor activities can mean children frequently dart out into the roads.

Teens can learn more about driving from their parents during summer vacations. While an adult may not make their teen an authorized driver of a rental vehicle, it can be a chance to show a teen how to inspect a car and learn about a new vehicle before driving. In addition, it’s important for parents to discuss other safety aspects with their teens, such as avoiding drunk and drowsy driving and calling for a ride when a situation seems unsafe.

Despite all of the best education a parent can provide, summer driving — and driving at any other time of year — can carry dangers. Those who have been hurt in a car crash due to another party’s negligent or dangerous driving can consult with a personal injury lawyer. Legal counsel could help a victim pursue compensation, including medical bills and lost wages.