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Reach an amicable trucking accident settlement via arbitration

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The victim of a trucking accident in Virginia and elsewhere around the country has the legal right to file a lawsuit for the purpose of receiving monetary compensation. A personal injury attorney decides whether the victim has a legitimate case. Trucking accident lawsuits are typically filed in court. However, many plaintiffs reach out-of-court settlements.

Trucking accident victims frequently reach settlements without appearing before a jury. A professional arbitrator may intervene in an objective manner in an attempt to reach a settlement that’s ideal for both parties. Many trucking accident cases are settled via alternative dispute resolution (ADR) techniques, which include method like mediation and arbitration.

There are benefits to reaching an out-of-court settlement via ADR. One reason is that this type of settlement takes less time and costs less money. ADR is also less contentious than litigation. An arbitrator is held to strict confidentiality. Consequently, both parties are assured that their testimonies are completely private. When the plaintiff and defendant work with the help of an arbitrator, neither party admits guilt or negligence. Arbitration offers a more informal approach in lieu of taking the case to court. Many cases are settled in a nonhostile way via arbitration.

Someone who has been in a motor vehicle accident has the legal option to consult with an attorney. The initial consultation does not cost any money. If the lawyer decides that the victim has a legal lawsuit, the case is filed in court. During the process, attorneys representing both parties may decide to hire an arbitrator. If the parties reach an agreement, the victim is awarded recompense. If the parties do not reach a settlement, the case goes to court.