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What risks do pedestrians face in the summer?

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2024 | Firm News |

Summer has arrived, bringing longer days, warmer weather and more outdoor activities. Although this season is great for enjoying leisurely walks and lively street festivals, it also increases the risks for pedestrians. Everyone sharing the road needs to understand these dangers and practice safety.

More foot traffic

When school ends and people start taking vacation days, they often have more time to spend outside in the summer sun. Locals and visitors alike may flock to tourist attractions, parks and beaches.

This increase in pedestrians can make sidewalks and crossings busy, so both walkers and drivers need to pay close attention. Pedestrians should stay aware of their surroundings, avoid distractions like smartphones and always use marked crosswalks.

More drivers on the road

Whether driving children to summer activities or traveling for vacation, there are often more people on the road during the summer months. Drivers also travel more miles in July and August than any other month. This increase in drivers means more traffic for pedestrians to navigate, and traffic may demand more of a driver’s attention, making it more difficult for them to notice pedestrians. In addition, more teenage drivers hit the roads during summer, and their inexperience can create serious risks for pedestrians.

Pedestrians should be especially careful in areas with heavy traffic, at intersections and in neighborhoods where many teenagers drive. Making eye contact with drivers before crossing the street and wearing reflective clothing at night can help make you safer.

Drinking at summer events

Summer parties often have a laid-back vibe where people drink alcohol. Enjoying a drink can be part of the fun, but it becomes dangerous when people choose to drive afterward.

Driving under the influence of alcohol greatly threatens pedestrian safety, especially during summer when more people are walking and more events are happening. Drivers might think they can drive safely or might not realize how much the alcohol has affected them, leading to dangerous actions like speeding or ignoring traffic signals. This impairment can also impact pedestrians walking home from events.

Unfortunately, pedestrian fatalities reflect these dangers. The National Safety Council reports that alcohol was a factor in 43 percent of fatal pedestrian accidents in 2021.

As we enjoy the exciting summer months, both pedestrians and drivers should be aware of the increased dangers on the streets. By staying alert, pedestrians take a key step toward ensuring that these sunny days are filled with happiness instead of preventable accidents.