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Proactive steps necessary to prevent motorcycle accidents

On Behalf of | May 3, 2023 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

With the purchase of a motorcycle comes less weight and bulk while being more agile, allowing cyclists to maneuver and swerve past obstacles and stop quickly. However, those perks also have a tradeoff in lacking injury protection should an accident occur.

Many factors play a role in motorcycle accidents. A collision can lead to severe and deadly consequences without the “luxury” of a steel enclosure and restraints that protect drivers and passengers. Those who travel on two-wheel transports lack the stability to stay upright, whether a rider or a passenger. Far too many collisions result in ejections from the motorcycle.

Factors surrounding crashes

Motorcycle crashes occur due to a variety of factors. Near the top of the list is a need for more experience and a misunderstanding of the limitations. Maintaining visibility is of paramount importance while anticipating what could happen. Far too many times, precautions and basic defensive driving are ignored. Intersections, in particular, require attention to all surroundings where most crashes occur.

Traveling in inclement weather creates slippery surfaces or approaching obstacles that require immediate braking. Regardless of the elements and other factors, motorcyclists need to protect themselves with helmets, eyewear designed for that type of travel, and clothing that will decrease the severity of injuries.

Over 80 percent of motorcycle crashes lead to horrific injuries and death. More than 40 percent involve alcohol intoxication. One-third who die while operating motorcycles lack licensure or are improperly licensed. Sidestepping essential training and education can have deadly consequences.

Helmets remain an issue as well. Simply put, wearing one while riding can prevent serious injuries and save lives. The headwear protects the skull with the liner, significantly reducing the impact on the head and brain. They also must adhere to federal safety standards and be appropriately designed to ensure maximum protection.

Enjoying the freedom of the open road on a motorcycle can be an enjoyable experience. Yet, in a split second, bad decisions and reckless operation by a cyclist or approaching car or truck driver can lead to life-changing injuries and fatalities.