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What factors contribute to truck accidents?

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2023 | Injuries, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Truck accidents are often devastating. These are the largest vehicles on the roadways and as such, they pose the biggest risks in a crash.

There are multiple factors that can impact why truck accidents occur. The CDC noted a few of these that are completely correctable and could help reduce the number of crashes.

Factors that lead to accidents

The CDC found that there are three major issues that lead to crashes involving large trucks. Drivers are receiving inadequate training. Ensuring proper training helps to create drivers who understand how to handle these large vehicles and the limitations they have. They become safer drivers with the proper instruction.

Deadlines are another issue. Many drivers are working under deadlines they cannot possibly meet if they follow all safety protocols, leading them to cut corners. They put everyone on the road at risk when they are pressured to meet goals that are not realistic.

Lastly, too many drivers are on the road when they are tired. Fatigued driving is comparable to drunk driving. But the pressure from companies is leading them to get behind the wheel when they should be taking a nap.

Fixing the issues

It is possible to fix all three of these top issues. Trucking companies need to take the lead. They should revise deadlines, lower expectations if they are not realistic, check schedules to allow for proper rest and avoid pushing drivers too hard. They also must not allow drivers behind the wheel until they have full and proper training.

Preventing truck accidents is something that requires companies and drivers to work together. Drivers need to speak up when they have a problem, and companies need to be more aware of driver needs.