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What issues lead to truck accidents?

On Behalf of | Jan 11, 2023 | Blog, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Trucks are one of the most deadly vehicles on the roadways. While the truck occupants may not suffer injuries most of the time in a crash, others involved are at high risk of death.

Unfortunately, avoiding truck accidents requires every driver to be aware. Many of the crashes that occur are a result of another vehicle doing something wrong, but there are also times it is a combination of issues.

Distracted driving

When driving around large trucks, you have to be alert. These vehicles have limited sight lines. They require more room, and they cannot move in the same way as smaller cars. Everyone has to pay attention. When drivers are not fully aware of the roadway around them. It can easily lead to a crash, and truck accidents often happen because someone was behind the wheel and not fully engaged in driving.


The top cause of truck accidents is speed, whether it is by the truck driver or other drivers. Speeding causes multiple issues. It makes it more difficult to stop, reduces reaction time and increases the severity of any accident. Speed limits are not suggestions. They are a result of careful study to determine a safe travel speed for that particular roadway.


Many drivers do not give large trucks space. One of the biggest issues trucks have is not having the space to stop or move. When other drivers crowd a truck, it makes the perfect situation for an accident.

Both truck drivers and the drivers of other vehicles are guilty of all these factors that can lead to serious truck accidents. Everyone needs to be more aware and focused when behind the wheel no matter what they may be driving.