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What are the symptoms of internal bleeding?

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2023 | Injuries |

After an accident, it is possible to believe you are uninjured when you actually have a very serious condition. Not all injuries are obvious to the naked eye.

You should always have a doctor check you over after a crash because some injuries are internal and could lead to serious effects, including death. Internal bleeding is one example that can quickly turn fatal if you go undiagnosed.


Depending on where your bleeding is occurring, symptoms may include pain in your stomach area or head. It might also cause dizziness or fainting. You may have swelling or feel tightness. More severe issues may be seizures and loss of consciousness.


You may have slight symptoms at first, but as you lose more blood, they will get more severe. If you have had blunt trauma in an accident, you should alert the doctor. The doctor should assess you for internal bleeding and order testing to further ensure there is not a problem. You may have to return to the doctor if you have lingering pain or swelling with no obvious cause.


Internal bleeding is possible in an accident without any external signs of injury. Most often, this comes from blunt force trauma when your body hits something in the vehicle. Bruises may eventually appear, giving you a more obvious signal that something could be more seriously wrong.

Internal bleeding can quickly lead to a serious medical situation. You should be proactive and get a medical check-up after an accident where internal injuries could have happened.