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What bones most commonly break during car accidents?

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Along with every auto accident comes a chance of injury. Even if only one party remains at fault, anyone in a vehicle that is part of the accident might suffer.

A wide array of harm can result from roadside negligence. Broken bones are among the most commonplace. It is a mistake to assume such injuries do not amount to more than an inconvenience. In many instances, these traumas have dire consequences.


Craniums protect our brains. Thus, their importance is impossible to overstate. A sharp blow to the noggin against a windshield or dashboard may lead to a fracture. Immediate surgery sometimes proves necessary. With every incident, there is a risk of traumatic brain injury. The effects of a TBI have the potential to be life-altering.


Clavicles are more fragile than skulls. This bone running between the shoulders has a likelihood of snapping. Healing typically takes between six and 12 weeks. Physical therapy and intensive, at-home exercises speed up the process. In the meantime, one might experience limited arm mobility. Significant time off work often becomes unavoidable.

Spinal columns

Back and neck injuries often happen in car wrecks. Also, they wreak havoc, as a healthy spine is essential to having a full range of movement. Vertebrae are the 24 individual bones that comprise this vital piece of anatomy. Since only ligaments hold vertebrae together, misalignments are frequent. Effects include respiratory problems and chronic pain. Fractures could mean permanent nerve damage and even paralysis.

Never discount the seriousness of an injury due to a car accident. Even wounds that seem inconsequential sometimes turn out to be severe. Seek a medical diagnosis for any suspected crack, no matter how seemingly trivial.