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4 personal injury claim myths debunked

On Behalf of | Sep 19, 2022 | Injuries |

Being involved in a personal injury accident comes with its own set of new hassles, including unexpected medical bills and needing to take time off from work.

Victims have rights, but filing a lawsuit often comes with hesitation due to many misconceptions. Three myths that often hold people back from seeking their rightful compensation include:

1. Minor injuries do not qualify for a claim

A minor accident may only create seemingly minor injuries. Depending on the injury, it may take time for a full range of symptoms to appear. Whiplash or a slipped disk has a way of leading to long-term issues. When faced with that, it leads to other health problems down the road.

2. The responsible party covers it all out-of-pocket

If the party at fault has insurance, the insurance company pays the settlement amount up to the policy limit. The responsible party only faces paying the deductible and anything above the policy limit, along with higher premiums.

3. Filing a claim has no time limitations

While people may think they have time to take action, Virginia law dictates that people have two years after an accident to file a claim. Waiting also comes with other implications. The longer a person holds off, the chances increase that the injuries become attributed to other situations.

4. The process takes too long

Although not as fast as settling with insurance and taking whatever they offer, a personal injury lawsuit does not always mean years of waiting. While the paperwork and documentation take time, many of these cases get resolved in a few months.

While many people may not want to file a personal injury claim, they should not lose sight of being the victim.