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3 places where a car is more likely to hit a pedestrian

On Behalf of | Jun 15, 2022 | Blog, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When pedestrians use sidewalks and designated street crossings, they trust that drivers will act in accordance with the law and proper safety practices. Despite the existence of proper guidelines, however, there are still locations at the odds of a car hitting a pedestrian are greater.

Collisions involving pedestrians are among the most disastrous motor vehicle accidents. Drivers can do their part to guarantee the safety of vulnerable individuals by practicing extra caution in areas where a pedestrian injury is more likely.

1. Highways

Research into transportation safety shows that many pedestrian deaths occur away from intersections. This is because areas where vehicles move at high speeds, such as highways, are more dangerous for people traveling nearby on foot.

2. Urban areas

Certain urban areas can be hotspots for pedestrian accidents, especially those where people commonly cross the street in the absence of a crosswalk. This includes bustling city centers and residential neighborhoods where children at play may wander into the road.

3. Parking lots

While many drivers have the sense to proceed slowly and cautiously through parking lots, that does not negate the risk of striking a pedestrian. It goes without saying that many people are present in parking lots at all hours of the day, and the high volume of parked vehicles can obstruct a driver’s view.

Car accidents always come with a high possibility of damage and severe personal injury regardless of circumstances. However, pedestrians do not have the protection of a vehicle’s sturdy frame when a collision occurs. That is why everyone shares the responsibility of taking measures to protect pedestrians on and near the road.