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Truck driver age and deadly accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If you collide with a large truck, you could sustain devastating injuries that turn your life upside down forever. From immobility to medical debt that you cannot repay, a truck accident could lead to many long-term challenges. These accidents occur for different reasons, and it is helpful to go over data on large truck crashes in order to understand why they take place.

Aside from distractions, alcohol use, speeding and fatigue, age is another factor that can play a role in truck accidents.

Fatal truck crashes and truck driver age

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provides statistics on various topics related to large truck crashes, including the age of truckers who became involved in deadly collisions. Based on data from 2018, 7% of fatal large truck crashes involved truckers aged 25 and under, while 6% involved truckers 66 and over.

Age can influence the likelihood of a large truck crash in different ways. For example, a younger truck driver could lack experience, increasing the likelihood of a collision. Likewise, an older truck driver could struggle with cognitive decline or other age-related declines that impact their driving abilities.

The aftermath of a large truck accident

Tragically, these accidents continue to occur far too often, and victims as well as their loved ones deserve justice. Following a large truck collision, you need to carefully go over the various factors that contributed to the accident. If the crash occurred because of a truck driver’s negligence, you should hold them answerable. Make sure you gather evidence and focus on steps you can take to recover.