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Watch out for these surprising injuries after a vehicle accident

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If a person walks away seemingly unscathed after a motor vehicle accident, they may count themselves as fortunate. However, injuries may appear later on and leave enduring consequences.

What are some unique injuries that could lurk after an automobile accident?


The aftermath of an accident often brings to mind broken bones and casts, but cuts and scrapes expose a victim to various infections. Internal injuries might also cause sepsis and infection. Even if accident injuries appear to be superficial, a comprehensive medical exam can bring to light dangerous underlying wounds.


The thought of intense pain dominates the narrative of a crash, but what if a loss of feeling is the result? The lack of sensation in the body indicates nerve damage, which can lead to many other complications. A lack of sensitivity or numbness could expose a person to further dangers such as damaging the skin and tissue after touching scalding items or ignoring the gravity of another harmful incident.

Friction burns

While airbags are necessary protection in a motor vehicle accident, the rapid expansion of the bag combined with the velocity of an impact may lead to minor burns on the skin. More severe burns can result from high-temperature gases during the bag expulsion. Such heat can even melt clothing, though such incidences are rare.

Vehicle owners should ensure airbags function properly by attending to any vehicle warnings as well as paying attention to reports and alerts about airbag recalls. The details of an accident and negligence factor into the determination of liability in a case.

The consequences of an accident may last a lifetime, but such injuries could delay in appearance. After an accident, a person has the right to fight for restitution for all damages inflicted by another party and benefits from acting promptly.