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Inattention and large truck drivers

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

If you become involved in a large truck collision, you could struggle with many immediate and long-term challenges. Aside from physical pain due to injuries, you could lose the ability to keep your job and you might struggle with financial hardships and negative emotions. Large truck accidents have an especially high chance of resulting in significant injuries and deaths, and many of these crashes occur because of driver inattention.

It is essential for large truck drivers to review various distractions that can avert their attention from the road, and for the victims of these accidents to seek justice.

Looking at common distractions for large truck drivers

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration outlines some of the key sources of distracted driving that affect many large truck drivers. For example, many truckers become distracted because of their phones, whether they send texts, watch videos or make calls. For a trucker traveling at 55 miles per hour, they will travel the distance of an entire football field in five seconds while taking their eyes off of the road to send a text message.

Many truckers also become distracted due to dispatch devices, eating, drinking, trying to read a map and distractions outside of the truck (such as billboards).

Recovering from a large truck collision

In the aftermath of a large truck crash, you could have to focus on your physical, financial and mental well-being. Make sure you take advantage of any resources that could help you and your loved ones move forward, and do not hesitate to hold a negligent trucker accountable for their actions.