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Car accidents can cause bones to break throughout the body

On Behalf of | Mar 17, 2022 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

It may not be surprising to learn that bones are among the most common body parts to sustain damage in car accidents. Data from The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles over recent years reveals that Fairfax County contributes to the most significant number of crashes and auto-related injuries in Virginia.

Car crashes cause broken bones throughout the body, including these areas.


Rapidly decelerating a vehicle to avoid a crash can cause the upper spine to compress as inertia continues to move it forward. In contrast, wearing lap belt constraints holds the lower spine in place. Although shoulder belts can reduce the upper spine’s overextension, crashes can cause breakage of the vertebral bones where the thoracic and lumbar spine connect.

Face and head

Airbags can prevent catastrophic injuries, but they release a significant force to break delicate facial bones. A crash can also turn objects and passengers into projectiles breaking cheek, nose and other facial bones.

Car accidents at high speeds can hurl unrestrained drivers and passengers into windshields, steering wheels and dashboards, resulting in skull fractures. Although seatbelts can prevent many head injuries, they can not necessarily protect the skull in rollover accidents.

Collarbone, sternum and ribs

The impact of a crash can cause a seatbelt to press forcefully against the upper body. The resulting compression can break the sternum or breastbone, collarbone and ribs, which connect.

Arms and legs

Passengers instinctively use their arms as shields against impact, which commonly causes wrist and arm bones to break, including the humerus, radius, ulna. In addition, freely moving legs can twist and bend in awkward positions leading to broken ankle and femur, tibia, fibula leg bones.

A car accident can profoundly impact your life by leading to bone damage and other injuries that require a lengthy healing period.