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Lifting patients a frequent cause of injury in health care

On Behalf of | Oct 20, 2021 | Workers' Compensation |

Working in health care involves a high degree of risk. If you regularly move patients around during your workday, you face an elevated chance of experiencing an injury resulting from lifting. As more patients age and more of them become obese, the stresses placed against those in your line of work are likely to increase.

According to HealthLeaders, you face a higher chance of suffering a lifting-related injury as a health care worker if you make your living in certain settings.

Lifting-related injury risks and hazards

Research shows that there are 75 lifting-related injuries for every 10,000 health care workers who work full-time in hospitals. This is twice the lifting-related injury rate seen in all other professions. However, your risks are much higher if you make your living in a nursing home where you often lift patients. In nursing homes, there are 107 injuries resulting from lifting for every 10,000 workers employed full-time. This is almost three times the lifting-related injury rate seen among all other professionals.

Lifting-related injury prevention

As generations age and more people begin needing mobility help, some hospitals, clinics and other health care employers are looking for ways to prevent injuries caused by heavy lifting. Some encourage team lifting. However, many health care settings do not have enough staff members around at a given time to make this possible. Others are purchasing and using lift-assistance equipment, which is often an effective way to reduce lifting-related injuries.

When your employer uses lift-assistance equipment, it may lead to fewer injuries, decreases in workers’ compensation costs and enhanced productivity, among other benefits.