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What happens with an overloaded truck?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2021 | Blog |

Large trucks carrying goods or other things must go through weigh stations. Every state sets a maximum load limit for driving on its roads. It does not matter which state a truck originates in, it must adhere to the load limit in every state in which it goes through.

Driving overloaded is a serious violation. The Association for the Work Truck Industry explains an overloaded truck poses many safety problems to the truck and to others on the roadway.

Truck loads

The limits for truck weights are for multiple reasons. They help to ensure trucks are not putting too much weight on their axles that could lead to a mechanical or structural failure. They also reduce the strain on roadways and other road structures.

Potential issues

An overloaded truck is incredibly too heavy. It makes controlling the vehicle more difficult and can cause issues with overall performance. The driver may struggle to steer or stop a truck that is carrying too much weight.

Consistently running overloaded on a truck will lead to maintenance issues. It will break down essential components more quickly and could lead to damage that might pose safety risks.

There is also evidence that as weight increases on a truck there is also an increase in the potential for an accident. Heavier trucks are simply less safe than those running at or under the weight limit.

Breaking the weight limit

Drivers or companies may run heavy trucks to save time and money. While many overloaded trucks will make it to their destinations without any issues, running heavy has a high potential to cause excess costs. It will lead to more maintenance expenses, potential tickets for running too heavy, lost routes and accidents. The costs from these issues make it not worth it to take the risk of overloading a truck.