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How can you push through PTSD related to your accident?

On Behalf of | Jun 24, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

The moment of sheer panic when you realize you cannot avoid an automobile collision can replay in your head repeatedly even months after your accident. Debilitating anxiety, fear of getting into a vehicle and unexpected triggers may prevent you from driving for quite some time.  

Knowing how to mitigate these setbacks can help you return to the driver’s seat with confidence. Incorporating strategies for managing PTSD can help you process your emotions effectively without minimizing their existence or allowing them to take over your life. 

Seek the support of others

Throughout your physical recovery, you will rely on your medical team to help you reach your health goals. During this time, family and friends may rally to provide support as you navigate the physical injuries of your accident. Even beyond a physical recovery, you may need continued support as you regain your confidence to drive again.  

Do not be afraid to ask people you trust for help. Share your feelings and your concerns about driving after experiencing something so traumatizing. According to In News Weekly, you can also work with a professional therapist to help you process the trauma and identify ways to handle triggers.  

Give yourself grace

Driving after your accident may seem impossible. Even being a passenger may create fear that prevents you from wanting to go places. Allow yourself time to work through these emotions. Recognize that getting back in a car may take some time. When you do feel comfortable enough to try driving again, go to an area void of traffic. A large, empty parking lot, for example, can give you plenty of stress-free space to reconnect with the feeling of driving.  

Recognizing that PTSD from your car accident is a real and serious condition can encourage you to get the help you need. With the right support and enough time, you may gradually feel comfortable driving again.