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Does the trucking industry contribute to drowsy truckers?

On Behalf of | May 2, 2021 | Blog |

Drowsy driving is one of the biggest continued issues that plagues the road. Unfortunately, many drivers hit the road without getting enough sleep. Any time a driver does this, they put others on the road at risk.

But no one poses a bigger threat than truckers. After all, they have the biggest vehicles on the road. But why do they have such a high rate of drowsy driving?

Unique threats that trucks pose

The Sleep Foundation explores many facets of drowsy driving and its impact on the modern road. Part of the study focuses on professional drivers such as bus drivers and truck drivers. They operate larger vehicles and will affect more people if they end up in crashes. Thus, it is more dangerous when these drivers do not get enough sleep.

Unfortunately, this issue might actually get exacerbated in the trucking industry by trucking companies themselves. They do not necessarily do this on purpose. However, their systems of incentives often set drivers up to getting less sleep than they need.

How trucking companies might encourage drowsy driving

For example, many drivers will get bonuses if they deliver a certain amount in a certain period of time. They may also get bonuses based on daily mileage. This may encourage drivers to skimp out on sleep so they can cram more miles into a day.

They may also refuse to take proper action against toxic mentalities within their company community. For example, many truckers treat sleep deprivation as part of the job and will act harshly toward drivers who attempt to circumvent it. When companies do not act against these issues, it is the same as encouraging them.