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How can road rage influence truck accidents?

On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Dealing with a crash instigated by a truck can be devastating, especially when the driver feels emboldened by road rage.

This form of aggression can cause drivers to act recklessly, which puts you and other people in danger. There are some telltale signs of this anger that many people often note while behind the wheel.

Following another vehicle too closely

According to Psychology Today, truck drivers with road rage show their frustration by continually pursuing another car. This terrifying phenomenon can make anyone in a smaller vehicle feel intimidated.

Leaving a few car lengths between the two of you lets you both stay safe and avoid accidents on busy roads, but this can be hard to do if a truck is tailgating you.

Distracting drivers from the road

In a tense situation, a driver may open his or her window and yell in order to show anger or displeasure. When this occurs, they may twist around and take their eyes off the road, causing a crash.

A shortened reaction time to obstacles in someone’s path can lead to an accident. This is especially true for trucks, since they are larger and harder to turn or stop in case of an emergency.

Breaking road laws

Some drivers with road rage break the speed limit or run red lights in their fit of anger. Not only does this endanger them, but it also puts you and any passengers in your vehicle at risk as well.

While it may seem tempting, do not attempt to exit your car to discuss matters with the other driver. Road rage can cause severe accidents, especially on highways or other busy roads.