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How can you combat driving while drowsy?

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2021 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Truck drivers often face challenging routes and tight schedules, which can lead to a chronic lack of sleep. While behind a wheel, that drowsiness can become deadly. 

Knowing multiple solutions to stopping drowsy driving can help prevent accidents before they happen. 

Pull off the road

The most common side effect of driving while exhausted is the inability to focus on the road, including any stop signs or lights. Shift workers or people with sleep disorders are especially prone to falling asleep at the wheel. 

Pulling off and stopping your truck in a safe place, such as a parking lot or rest stop, is the best option if you find yourself unable to focus or are drifting from your lane. 

Sleep before setting off

In order to combat any potential fatigue during a particularly long drive, make sure to rest up to eight hours the night before and take a nap before the drive begins. Even a half hour’s worth of rest can significantly improve your concentration and alertness. 

Check your medications

Note any prescription medications that have side effects of drowsiness. Taking these before a trip often increases your chances that you will fall asleep at the wheel. If possible, ask a medical professional whether they are safe to take while driving long distances. 

Use the radio

Playing upbeat music or listening to a talk show while driving can help keep you alert and awake. Driving in a silent car may lead to your mind wandering, while actively singing along or listening to tunes forces you to pay more attention to the area around you as well as your own actions.