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Statistics show consistent rise in fatal motor vehicle accidents

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Motor vehicle accidents happen for many reasons in Virginia and throughout the Beltway. Distracted driving, recklessness, drunk driving and drowsiness are common causes. Background considerations like traffic volume can also be a factor. Recent statistics indicate that because there has been a reduction in the number of vehicles on the road due to ongoing health concerns and haphazard business and school operations, many drivers have taken to speeding on the open roads. This has led to a steady increase in crashes with injuries and fatalities.

Reduced traffic volume is giving drivers the freedom to behave recklessly

The National Safety Council (NSC) issued a report saying there was a 23.5% rise in fatal auto accident fatalities across the nation in May. It is believed that the empty roads are a reason for the spike in crashes as drivers feel free to drive at excessive speeds. Law enforcement has not kept up with the violations as health concerns have taken precedence over stopping vehicles and giving tickets. From March through May, there was a consistent increase in the chance of a fatal auto accident. It had been hoped that less traffic would make the roads safer, but that has not happened.

There were 1.47 deaths for every 100 million miles on the road. One year earlier, that was 1.19. Although speeding was cited as a fundamental reason for this, drivers were still committing other risky acts that are always a danger regardless of the circumstances. Another concern is that road accidents are the highest cause of worker fatalities while on the job. Employers have been encouraged to emphasize safety when workers are on the road. The safety landscape was expected to improve as automakers implemented vehicle safety features and created advanced technology. Still, driver behavior and a lack of law enforcement is counteracting various safety measures.

Commuters are inherently vulnerable

Since people in essential industries have been able to work throughout the crisis and other businesses are slowly reopening, safety on the road is a significant concern. If there is a collision with injuries, families can be confronted with enormous medical expenses, the need to care for an injured loved one, lost income and other challenges. If there is a fatality, there will be personal, financial and emotional costs. A legal filing to recover compensation may be a viable alternative.

Understanding the factors for a successful legal claim

Gathering evidence about the accident is one of the critical aspects of a successful case. That includes assessing the scene, looking at the damage, reading medical reports, gauging the prognosis, determining how the accident happened, and more. Attentive and caring legal representation is crucial to a successful claim. Whether the insurance company offers a reasonable settlement or the case must go to trial, it is wise to have assistance from those experienced in motor vehicle accidents.