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Help keep them safe – tips for sharing the road with motorcyclists

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2020 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Negligence and poor decision making on the road can lead to catastrophic injuries, and the risk increases for those more vulnerable than others. Motorcyclists are among these most vulnerable drivers and they are also often misunderstood on the road.

What may appear to a sedan driver to be a motorcyclist driving recklessly may, in fact, be a matter of the motorcyclist creating a safer riding space for themselves. For example, many motorcycle operators will weave in and out of traffic to avoid being stuck in a blind spot. But to the average non-motorcyclist, it may seem like they are putting themselves and everyone else at risk.

That said, motorcyclists are likely just as concerned for their safety as you are. Here are some tips that may help you share the road safely with them:

  • Get to know obstructions: Motorcycles are more likely to be hidden by various obstructions than a standard vehicle. Construction zones, larger vehicles or even nature may conceal them.
  • Understand your blind spots: Especially if you have a newer vehicle, you may want to take some time to get to know all your blind spots. Some areas of your vehicle may reveal a car. But would they reveal a motorcycle?
  • Recognize differences in operation: As mentioned previously, motorcyclists often approach the road differently than others. How you respond to this could save a life. Did you know many motorcyclists avoid using their brakes and instead coast or roll off the throttle to a stop? Without the brake light warning you, you may not recognize the stop until it is too late.

In addition to keeping an extra eye out for riders, it will also help to perform routine safety checks on your vehicle. Have you checked your mirrors lately? What about your brakes? Road accident injuries can be devastating to both the victim and the negligent party. Be sure you are doing your part at maintaining a safe roadway.