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Serious injuries can come from blunt force trauma in a car wreck

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2019 | Injuries, Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Car wrecks lead to a variety of injuries, including blunt traumas to the body. While it might seem like these aren’t very serious, they can cause damage to the tissues and organs. This can lead to life-threatening problems that require immediate medical care.

Blunt force trauma can come from a variety of things in the vehicle. The risk of this increases if a person doesn’t have a seat belt on when they are in a car wreck, but even the seat belt can lead to injuries. Some types of damage that might occur include fractures, internal organ damage, lacerations, bruising, and pressure-related injuries.

Seat belts have a risk but are critical safety features

Even though there is a risk of injury from a seat belt, it is always best to wear one. Occupants of cars are more likely to be thrown out of the vehicle or around within the vehicle if they aren’t restrained. Without the seat belt, the risk of a fatal injury is greater than that of a person who is restrained.

Another risk is the seat position. People who recline in the seats are more likely to suffer blunt force abdominal injuries. They are also at risk of slipping beneath the lap belt and being flung about the floorboard compartment of the vehicle.

Type of crash matters greatly

The type of accident can also have a part in what kinds of serious injuries are possible. This is one reason medical professionals ask about the conditions of the crash. For example, head-on crashes commonly result in injuries to organs that have ligaments attached to them. Rear-end wrecks usually lead to neck injuries.

T-bone crashes can lead to fractures of large bones, such as the hip and pelvis. Injuries to the aorta, liver and spleen are also possible in these crashes due to the side impact. The ribs may fracture, and the arms can suffer damage.

Injuries can remain hidden

It isn’t always easy to determine whether there are internal injuries from blunt force trauma. Occupants might suffer from pain the abdominal area. Others may notice swelling or bloody bowel movements. All of these are signs that something is seriously amiss and that you need emergency medical care. For many people, seeking care as soon as possible after the crash is imperative.

Injured victims can pursue a claim for compensation from the party liable for the wreck. This is a way to try to recover the costs of the crash since the innocent parties should never have to cover those costs themselves.