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The safety benefits of roundabouts

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Motorists in Virginia and throughout America may not necessarily be familiar with roundabouts. Furthermore, they may seem more complicated and dangerous than a traditional intersection at first glance. However, data from the Federal Highway Administration revealed that there was a 37% decline in accidents when a road had a roundabout instead of a traffic light. This was largely because accidents occurred at slower rates of speed. Therefore, they were less intense and less likely to result in fatalities or property damage.

The FHWA data also determined that there was a 40% decrease in pedestrian accidents on roundabouts compared to traditional intersections. Finally, there was a 90% drop in fatal crashes according to the numbers compiled by the FHWA. Other benefits to this type of road feature include less time stuck idling in traffic as well as lower insurance rates because accidents occur less frequently.

In many cases, accidents occur because drivers fail to stop for a red light or because they make a turn when it’s not safe to do so. According to government statistics, roughly 10,000 deaths occurred at intersections in the United States in 2018. Since there may not be a need to stop when entering a roundabout, traffic tends to flow better within them. It isn’t uncommon for traffic to be backed up for a quarter of a mile or more at some stop signs.

Those who are involved in a car crash caused by another motorist may be entitled to a financial award to pay for some or all of the resulting damages. These may include lost wages, the cost to replace a vehicle, and medical expenses. An attorney may help a victim obtain compensation through a negotiated settlement or a jury trial.