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Safety technologies reduce risk of serious crashes

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Automated features are becoming more popular among drivers in Virginia and across the country. Many features aim to reduce dangerous traffic accidents by introducing greater levels of computerized alerts, controls and warning systems. According to one study released by GM, these features can have a significant impact on reducing crashes. Commonly called advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), these technologies include lane change alerts, blind-spot detection, collision alerts and rearview cameras as well as advancements in braking systems.

According to the study, lane-changing crashes were reduced by 26% with lane-change alerts and blind-spot detection. Automatic emergency braking and forward collision alerts caused rear-end car crashes to fall by 46%. Forward collision alerts alone reduced these accidents by 21%. Stacking autonomous technologies together produced even more safety improvements. In the most striking result, backing-out crashes fell by 81% when a range of safety technologies were implemented. These included automatic reverse braking, rear cross-traffic alerts, rear parking assist and rear vision cameras.

Researchers compiled police auto accident data from 10 states. GM provided VINs for over 3.8 million vehicles produced from 2013 to 2017. Applying that information to the police data, researchers were able to identify the cars involved in the crashes and determine which of them had ADAS in place. They were also able to compare those numbers to the total vehicle population to determine which technologies reduced collision risk significantly.

While safety technologies can cut the risk of deadly or catastrophic collisions, many motor vehicle accidents are primarily caused by distracted or negligent drivers. An individual who has been injured in a car collision through no fault of their own could consult a personal injury attorney to pursue compensation from the negligent party.