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Road rage poses an increasing menace

On Behalf of | Sep 23, 2019 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Most Virginia drivers are peripherally aware of the risks of being involved in a car crash although they seldom let it concern them. While statistically, the average driver will have several accidents during their driving lifetime, the roads are generally becoming safer each year. However, a specific area of highway safety has drawn the attention of officials and is one that all drivers should be acutely aware of every time they get behind the wheel. Incidents of road rage are increasing dramatically, often with serious and sometimes fatal results.

Although the word “accident” is, in many cases, a misnomer to describe vehicle crashes because one party typically has breached some duty of safe driving, the actions of the drivers are typically unintentional, and the results may be said to be “accidental.” Saftey experts report that road rage, on the other hand, seems to be a more ingrained pattern of behavior for some drivers; that is, they regularly drive “mad.” Whether experiencing stress, which can lead to overworking or under-sleeping, or some other personal problem, too many drivers drive far too aggressively from a safety point of view. For instance, over 50% of all drivers tailgate on purpose, and almost that many regularly yell at other drivers and honk their horns at other vehicles.

Drivers should be aware of several tips to try to avoid being involved in road rage incidents or at least to mitigate the consequences if they are. Number one is to avoid driving distracted. Not paying attention can lead to doing things that other drivers can misinterpret or to misinterpreting the actions of others. Second, it’s vital to not retaliate in kind if another driver exhibits bad behavior. Third, everyone must drive in a responsible manner.

No matter the circumstances or situation, if a driver’s unreasonable driving causes injury or other damage, he or she could be liable. A personal injury lawyer may help explain the rights and responsibilities of drivers who are involved in motor vehicle accidents.