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Brake inspections sideline nearly 5,000 commercial trucks

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Virginia motorists may be concerned to learn that a significant percentage of commercial trucks operating in the state could have serious brake issues. As a result, they could present a danger to others on the road.

In September, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducted its Brake Safety Week at various locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. During the event, vehicle inspectors examined the brake systems of 35,080 commercial trucks and pulled 4,955 of them from service due to brake violations. That number represents 14.1 percent of all inspected vehicles.

One of the main goals of the initiative was to inspect the antilock braking systems on trucks that are required to have them. Over 26,100 air-braking trucks with ABS were inspected, and 8.3 percent of them had ABS-related violations. Over 5,300 hydraulic-braking trucks with ABS were also inspected, and 4.4 percent had ABS problems. Finally, over 17,800 trailers with ABS were inspected, and 12.5 percent had brake-related violations. In 2017, CVSA inspectors held a one-day brake safety blitz to identify unsafe commercial trucks. That initiative also found that 14 percent of inspected big rigs had serious brake violations. CVSA inspectors also held a three-day general inspection blitz in June and found that brake problems were the top reason vehicles were placed out of service.

Victims of truck accidents often suffer severe injuries that leave them unable to work for prolonged periods. In order to recover financial compensation for their injuries, some victims may find it beneficial to file a lawsuit against the truck driver who caused the crash. They could have their case assessed by contacting a big rig accident attorney. If it can be determined that negligent maintenance was a cause of the crash, the trucking company could be deemed financially responsible as well.