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Roundabouts can cut the risk of crash injuries

On Behalf of | Aug 21, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Every year, people are injured or even killed in motor vehicle accidents that take place at dangerous intersections in Virginia. Some intersections are well-known for the risks they pose to drivers; for example, the junction of two 55-mph roads that come together at a stop sign can be a risky site, especially at night. Far too many drivers run stop signs, and visibility at many intersections can be poor or obstructed.

States, cities and towns can take action to improve the safety of dangerous intersections. Options include clearing away brush and vegetation and installing signs warning drivers of the stop to come ahead. However, serious car accidents continue to be a pervasive problem in many of these locations. The human cost of these crashes can be significant, taking lives or causing serious, life-changing injuries. However, many states and traffic authorities are looking to restructure dangerous intersections with a new take: the traffic roundabout. Roundabouts force drivers to slow down, which reduces overall speed and the risk of danger that accompanies it.

Traffic lights are also known to reduce accidents, but roundabouts can be even more effective in specifically reducing serious accidents that cause personal injuries. Drivers do not make unnecessary and dangerous calculations about the time they have to get through the intersection before another car comes. The costs of building the roundabouts can be shortly outweighed by the savings in accident and injury costs each year.

Serious motor vehicle accidents can be caused by distracted, speeding or otherwise dangerous drivers. When people are injured after a crash, they may face permanent disabilities and changes to their lives. A personal injury lawyer can help a car accident victim pursue compensation for their medical costs, lost wages and more.