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Brake safety week highlights truck inspections

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

When truck equipment is not properly maintained, other Virginia motorists could be at risk. This is one reason why the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance is holding its Brake Safety Week in September. During the event, commercial drivers across the country will be subject to enhanced inspections and enforcement of brake maintenance regulations. In 2017, the brake safety event was reduced to a single day, but for 2018 it has returned to its week-long incarnation.

Because of the size and mass of large trucks, other drivers and passengers face a particular threat from negligently maintained truck brakes. During the one-day 2017 event, a full 14 percent of trucks inspected that day were removed from service for some type of brake violation. In addition, during another inspection campaign called Roadcheck, brake maintenance violations were the most common reason for trucks to be ordered out of service.

During the upcoming weeklong campaign, which runs Sept. 16-22, the highest number of inspections will be comprehensive, Level I overviews of truck safety. In particular, they will focus on braking components, checking for missing parts, leaks of air or hydraulic fluid, defective rotors, improperly traveling pushrods, mismatched air chambers, and missing warning devices. If trucks are found with defective or improperly maintained brakes, they will be ordered off the roads until they are repaired.

Truck accidents can have a devastating impact on their victims. When someone is injured due to a negligently maintained truck that causes a crash, a personal injury claim may be warranted. An attorney can work to seek damages for lost wages, medical bills and pain and suffering.