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Avoiding common motorcycle crash scenarios

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

While it can be fun to ride a motorcycle on Virginia roads, these types of vehicles can be dangerous. Fortunately, there are steps that a rider can take to spot and avoid hazards on the road. For instance, the most common motorcycle accident involves a car turning left in front of a rider.

Such scenarios happen because many drivers do not look out for motorcycles. To avoid such an accident, ride cautiously and be aware of gaps in traffic or vehicles with their turn signals on.

By riding at a reasonable speed, it’s also easier to avoid crashing in a corner or after hitting gravel in a blind spot. In some cases, the motorcycle may be able to stay upright if the rider trusts that it can handle the unexpectedly tight turn or change in road condition.

To avoid being hit from behind, riders should not keep their bikes in the center of a lane while stopped. Riders can also reduce the odds of rear accidents at traffic lights by pulling in front of fully stopped cars. This can work to create a crumple zone that can protect the rider if a car hits another vehicle from behind. To avoid being hit by another rider while on the road, be sure to pay attention and observe proper riding etiquette at all times.

If negligence plays a role in a motorcycle accident, an injured victim could be entitled to compensation. This may help to pay medical bills or make up for lost wages or future earnings. Examples of negligence may include another driver operating a vehicle while impaired or distracted. An attorney may use cell phone records, driver statements or physical evidence from an accident scene to establish that negligence occurred. Personal injury cases may be resolved through a trial or a settlement.