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Safety group outlining plan to eliminate fatal accidents

On Behalf of | May 9, 2018 | Motor Vehicle Accidents |

Roadways across Virginia and the entire country are facing a large increase in fatal car accident rates. Despite the surge, a transportation safety coalition has recently released a report offering their plan to eliminate fatal accidents by 2050.

The group, known as the Road to Zero Coalition, is made up of 675 different members, including the National Safety Council. The report released by the group on April 23 is a road map to eliminating fatal accidents. This is a lofty goal given that over 100 Americans die on roadways every day.

The report, authored by Rand Corp, outlines some ways to combat traffic fatalities. First, the group seeks to redouble efforts on methods that have already been successful. For instance, the group wants to increase seat belt usage from 90 percent to 100 percent. The Road to Zero Coalition also intends to focus on technology. This includes developments in automated driving and increasing access to trauma centers. Finally, the report suggests focusing on a safety-first culture. This includes convincing drivers to lower their speeds, limit distractions and end driving under the influence.

Fatal traffic accidents are caused by various forms of negligence, including distracted driving, speeding, reckless driving and driving while intoxicated. All of these behaviors lead to an increased risk of collisions and the injuries that come with them. An individual injured in a car accident may have a claim for damages. The first step is to determine if the other party in the accident is at fault. An attorney with a background in personal injury law could help a client determine who was liable for the accident and proceed with a claim.