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Spring is motorcycle season once again

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2018 | Blog |

Winter may still be battering parts of the Northeast, but signs of spring are emerging in Springfield. The warmer temperatures of April will bring many restive riders out on the roads for the first motorcycle ride of Spring 2018.

These early riders can be at a bit of a risk disadvantage, however, as many drivers simply aren’t expecting to see that many two-wheeled cycles back on the roads after the long winter. This combination of oblivious drivers and eager riders can unfortunately have tragic consequences.

Learn how you can reduce your risk of getting into a collision with a motorcyclist on the streets of Springfield this season:

  • Remain alert. This is likely the single most important way you can save Virginia motorcyclists’ lives — by remaining alert to and aware of their presence on the roads.
  • Signal your intentions. Remembering to use your turn signals at each juncture allows motorcyclists, pedestrians and other drivers to anticipate your movements and react accordingly.
  • Avoid distracted driving. While the focus has been on those who text behind the wheel, there are a plethora of distracted driving behaviors to steer clear of — eating, drinking, smoking, applying make-up, disciplining children, etc.
  • Don’t tailgate. It’s dangerous to ride the bumpers of cars and trucks ahead of you, but it can be lethal for the hapless motorcyclist you’re tailgating.
  • Look twice at intersections. Driveway portals, intersections and crosswalks are especially risky spots for motorcyclists, as harried motorists may fail to notice their approach and enter their riding spaces.

Loud pipes save lives

No driver wants to bear the consequences of maiming or killing a motorcycle rider and/or his passenger. That’s why it’s so important to be aware of their movements on the roads. Many motorcyclists employ various tactics to ensure that their presence is known.

Installing loud exhaust pipes on their big two-wheelers may not endear these riders to their neighbors, but could potentially save the riders’ lives. So can being vigilant about helmet usage, as well as always wearing leathers or other road gear to protect skin and bones in a collision.

Those who have been injured while riding motorcycles in Virginia may benefit from legal guidance when filing claims for compensation.