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Pedestrian Obtains $796,839 Settlement After Being Struck by SUV Causing Numerous Fractures and Three Surgeries

On 8/3/2015, Plaintiff was crossing a street outside of a crosswalk in Tysons Corner, Virginia when he was struck by a SUV traveling approximately 25 miles per hour. The impact caused Plaintiff to be thrown into the air. Plaintiff was immediately taken to the emergency room where he underwent surgery for a fractured left scapula and humerus. He also suffered fractures of the left fibula and tibia and phalanx of the right great toe. Plaintiff continued to have neck pain resulting in an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion at three levels twenty-one months post-accident. Plaintiff eventually returned to work full-time in construction. Total medical bills were $237,000 and $67,000 in lost wages.