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Injured Salon Customer Recovers $100,000 for Facial Scarring from Laser Treatment

On 10/6/08, Plaintiff went to a salon in Fairfax, Virginia and purchased a package of five facial skin rejuvenation treatments that was supposed to make her skin look younger and improve some sun spots. The treatments were administered via a laser. On the third visit, Plaintiff felt some pain and her skin felt hot during the administration of the laser treatment on her right cheek. Plaintiff experienced severe blistering later that same day and returned to the salon to complain. She was advised to put on Neosporin and that she would be fine in a couple of weeks. The blisters turned into three visible facial scars on her right cheek and her sun spots worsened on her forehead (became darker). Plaintiff only requested Defendant to cover her medical bills to correct the damage done to her face and Defendant refused. Defendant tried to blame Plaintiff for exposing herself to sunlight, which Plaintiff denied. Surprisingly, the Defendant’s retained expert sided with Plaintiff and opined that Defendant negligently administered the laser treatments and failed to advise Plaintiff on appropriate after-care for her scarring. As a result, Plaintiff’s facial scarring and spotting was permanent. Plaintiff’s total medical bills were $2,800 and she received $100,000 to settle her case on 1/8/2010.