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Injured Golfer Recovers $60,000 for Ruptured Tendon After Stepping on Unsecured Sprinkler Cover

$60,000 Settlement

At the time of the accident, plaintiff was playing golf at the Penderbrook Gold Club in Fairfax County. He was at the 18th hole near the green and his golf ball was near the hole. As he approached his ball, he stepped on some leaves that camouflaged an unsecured steel or iron sprinkler cover, which gave way when he stepped on it and his left foot went into the hole.

Plaintiff suffered an Achilles tendon rupture and a nondisplaced medial malleolus fracture. His injury healed without surgical intervention after wearing a cast and using crutches for two months. He wore a walking boot for an additional six weeks and then used a 3-D walker.

Plaintiff had 23 sessions of physical therapy thereafter and ended up with a 4 percent whole person disability but was doing very well one year after the accident.

No quantifiable lost wage claim was submitted.