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Injured Driver Recovers $400,000 in Rear End Auto Accident in Fairfax County

On 6/29/05, Plaintiff was rear ended in her SUV by a 1995 Chevy S-10 truck that was driven by an employee of an HVAC company.  Plaintiff’s vehicle was pushed into another vehicle.  There was moderate damage to Plaintiff’s vehicle and severe damage to the front of Defendant’s vehicle.  Plaintiff went to her primary doctor several days later, treated with a chiropractor, orthopedist and physiatrist.  Plaintiff had a neck surgery in March 2006 due to an MRI finding of a significant disc herniation at C5-6.  The surgery failed and a second neck surgery was performed in February 2008 due to an MRI finding of a broad-based disc protrusion at C4-5.  A plate and screws were inserted in her neck and the vertebrae were fused together.  Plaintiff had $93,500 in total medical bills and $12,000 in lost wages.  Plaintiff’s neck surgeon issued a 35% permanent impairment rating due to Plaintiff’s on-going pain, the need to wear lidocaine pain patches, limited range of motion, keloid scar and other limitations.