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Pedestrians face increased danger on the roads

Pedestrians may be relatively safe on Virginia roadways, but they can still face significant dangers on a daily basis, let alone while traveling to neighboring states. A study by Smart Growth America examined the dangers pedestrians face in states and metropolitan areas across the United States. Eight out of the 10 most dangerous cities were in Florida, leaving the state as the most dangerous for walkers. Virginia's neighbors, Maryland and North Carolina, came in at number 13 and number 18 on the list.

What drivers should do after an accident

A motor vehicle accident could cause property damage as well as bodily injury. In Virginia, an individual is required to stop at the scene of an accident. If an individual gets into an accident with property that is unattended, he or she must either locate the owner or leave a note. The note must contain the contact information for the driver who caused the accident as well as the time of the accident. The police will need to be notified in such a scenario.

Many ridesharing drivers are sleep-deprived, says AASM

Those who work as ridesharing drivers in Virginia should already be aware of the risks they face. Low fares and salary incentives can compel many drivers to work past their safety limits, depriving themselves of sleep in the process. Even worse, they tend to undervalue sleep. Since most ridesharing drivers are independent contractors, they aren't screened for conditions such as obstructive sleep apnea.

Infotainment system distractions the subject of new AAA study

Researchers have conducted a study for AAA that show how distracting infotainment systems can be. Virginia residents who want these and other new tech on their cars should know what the dangers are since no one is immune to distracted driving. The study involved 30 new 2017 vehicles with infotainment systems. A group of drivers aged 21 to 36 participated by using the systems while behind the wheel.

The wrong way to fight roadway fatigue

Thousands of accidents are caused by trucks in Virginia and the rest of the United States every year. In 2016, nearly 4,000 people died as a result of these incidents. One of the leading causes of collisions is fatigued drivers. Due to the large weight of trucks, fatality victims are often drivers and passengers in small vehicles as well as cyclists and pedestrians. Only a small portion of fatalities are truck drivers themselves.

Common factors behind drunk driving fatalities

Many people in Virginia die each year in drunk driving accidents. Though drunk drivers face heavy fines and even jail time if caught, alcohol-related crashes continue to be an issue across the nation. In fact, drunk driving deaths account for approximately a third of all traffic deaths. The following are some of the common factors behind these fatalities.

Safety features could reduce car accident rates

Bank of America Merrill Lynch claims that technology used in automobiles will help to reduce the number of accidents that occur. Since 2011, there has been a 30 percent increase in the number of accidents on Virginia roads and those in other states. The increase is partially the result of higher employment, which has led to more miles being driven. Smartphone use as well as the legalization of marijuana are also cited as factors for the increase. According to data from the IIHS, states that had legalized marijuana had more crashes reported by police than bordering states that had not legalized it.

External airbags may reduce occupant injuries by 40 percent

Drivers in Virginia may not instantly think of airbags on the outside of their vehicles as being all that helpful, but there's compelling research suggesting otherwise. New data presented by a leading car parts maker suggests that external airbags may reduce the severity of injuries sustained by vehicle occupants by as much as 40 percent. These results could provide an added incentive for widespread implementation of this type of technology.

Be aware: Virginia teens may still text and drive

Distracted driving among teens remains a huge problem in the U.S. even though texting and driving is prohibited in nearly every state. The CDC believes that up to nine people are killed every day on the nation's roadways because of distracted driving. Out of a study group of more than 101,000 teens, 38 percent admitted to texting and driving, and nearly 56 percent of older teens acknowledged they engage in this dangerous habit.

Automated emergency brakes more effective than originally thought

Since its inception, automatic emergency braking was believed to be a major breakthrough in vehicle safety. Now, a study of certain vehicles and their use of emergency braking has shown that automatic brakes may be even more helpful in avoiding accidents than experts first imagined. If true, this could be great news for all Virginia drivers.

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