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Bright sunlight can pose a risk of auto crashes

People in Virginia may find it challenging to drive in bright sunlight, and some may operate their cars negligently despite poor visibility, leading to serious accidents and injuries. The glare of oncoming sun can be linked to traffic problems in the morning and the afternoon, but there are actions that people can take to protect themselves and others on the road from dangerous situations.

A push to end distracted driving

In Virginia and other states throughout the country, the number of traffic fatalities has gone up in recent years. However, legislation passed in Georgia and other states shows that governments are taking the problem seriously. Laws passed in Georgia and Rhode Island prohibit drivers from using their phones while a car is in motion. According to TrueMotion, distracted driving was down in both of those states after hands-free laws were passed.

Legal cannabis linked to increase in car crashes

As people in Virginia and across the country debate the legalization of recreational marijuana, some have wondered if motor vehicle laws are keeping up with the times. Cannabis legalization has led to more people driving under the influence. This issue is especially complicated since there is little clear guidance about how much cannabis is too much to allow a person to drive safely. One study indicates that there's good reason for concern about how roadway safety could be affected by marijuana legalization.

Groups call for mandatory crash avoidance tech on large trucks

Virginia residents who are concerned about truck safety may wonder if crash avoidance systems could help in any way. While such systems can certainly reduce the number of crashes, they are currently not mandated for commercial trucks. A report given by The Kansas City Star, the findings of which have received the attention of several members of Congress, says that they should be.

NHTSA's 2017 data shows rise in large truck crash deaths

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released a new report on 2017 crash trends based on data from its Fatality Analysis Reporting System. What Virginia residents should know is that in a year that saw a decline in all segments of car crash deaths, the number of people who died in large truck crashes increased dramatically.

Realistic drivers' ed supplement improves teens' risk awareness

Researchers at Baylor University have analyzed the effect of a reality-based supplemental drivers' education program on teen participants, and the results may be of interest to parents of teen drivers in Virginia. The program is called the Texas Reality Education for Drivers program and is set over one day in a hospital.

The role of safety tech in reducing backup crashes

For Virginia residents who own new vehicles but not their safety add-ons, the following study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety may be of interest. The IIHS tested the effectiveness of rear automatic brakes in reducing backup crashes and found that they cut down the chances of one by 62 percent. When combined with rearview cameras and backup warning sensors, they reduce it by 78 percent.

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