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Red light cameras can help keep drivers safe

Virginia motorists typically understand that a yellow light is a signal to slow down. However, some drivers may attempt to go through an intersection before the light turns red. In some U.S. jurisdictions, a traffic camera may take a picture of any vehicles that attempt to run a red light. While these are supposedly meant to keep roads safe, some believe that red light cameras are designed to generate revenue.

Interlocks save lives, but rolling tests can be dangerous

Virginia motorists who are convicted of driving while under the influence of alcohol must have ignition interlock devices fitted in their vehicles. An IID prevents the vehicle it is fitted to from starting when alcohol is detected in a breath sample provided by the driver, and subsequent samples are required to keep the car running during what are known as rolling tests. In Virginia, the first rolling test takes place after just five minutes. IIDs are now mandatory for DUI offenders in most states because research shows that they deter drunk driving and prevent accidents, but a New York Times investigation reveals that they could also be causing crashes.

AASM survey: 45% of U.S. adults have driven drowsy

It's likely that many Virginia residents have driven drowsy at least once in recent days. In a Sleep Prioritization Survey from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, 45% of the 2,003 U.S. adults involved admitted that they have had to struggle to stay awake while on the road.

Alcohol detection systems on cars may become mandatory

The Reduce Impaired Driving for Everyone Act of 2019 is a bill that has been introduced in Congress, and if implemented, it would require automakers to equip their vehicles with an alcohol detection device by 2024. Residents of Virginia should know that the device has not been made yet. The bill would fund the research, development and testing. Details on implementation are few, but the benefits of such a device are clear.

New technology may curb drunk driving

If passed, the Reduce Impaired Driving for Everyone Act of 2019 would require all vehicles to have alcohol detection equipment installed in all new cars by 2024. According to its sponsors, the legislation could result in 7,000 fewer deaths on Virginia roads and others nationwide per year. The RIDE Act would first require that alcohol detection software be installed on a fleet of vehicles to determine how such a system would work.

Opioids a possible factor in hundreds of fatal two-car crashes

The opioid crisis in Virginia and across the U.S. is putting drivers in danger. Opioids cause cognitive and psychomotor impairment, so those who take them and then head out on the road run the risk of becoming, among other things, drowsy. In 2016, 7.1% of all the drivers who caused a car crash were found with opioids in their system. This is a sharp increase from 1993, when the percentage was 2%.

Truck accidents and negligence: a fatal union

In Virginia and across the United States, truck accidents often cause victims to incur catastrophic injuries. A truck accident is more dangerous than a car crash because of the truck's larger size. For example, a typical automobile weighs about 4,000 pounds, but a truck weighs as much as 80,000 pounds. In looking at these statistics, it is easy to understand how a truck accident can cause a serious traumatic brain injury, permanent paralysis or even death. Consequently, truck drivers should take the time to learn how they can prevent truck accidents from occurring.

Auto engineers hope AI can reduce distracted driving crashes

Modern technologies like smartphones and in-vehicle infotainment systems are increasing the risk of distracted driving accidents in Virginia and nationwide. However, auto engineers hope they can fight technology with technology and make U.S. roads safer.

Tips for avoiding a car accident in winter

Wintertime is an especially bad time for car accidents in some parts of Virginia, so motorists will want to consider the following tips on safe driving. First of all, they can avoid accidents by not going outdoors until it's necessary. When they have to, they must slow down. When snow is on the ground, the tires will lose their traction, and the lack of road grip will affect braking as well.

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